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WPML Translations and CHPC Slider Pro

Carousel Horizontal Posts Content Slider PRO (CHPC Slider Pro) is a highly customisable jQuery based responsive WordPress plugin which allows you to add multiple sliders on your web site easily.

CHPC Slider Pro meets WPML

To get started, you will need WPML and add-on Plugins i.e. the core WPML Multilingual CMS which is always required and the String translations add-on.

Guide for installing & activating WPML is available on the WPML getting started guide.

A demo of CHPC Slider Pro running under WPML
Default english : http://theme-testing.wpml.org/carousel/test-carousel/
Spanish : http://theme-testing.wpml.org/carousel/test-carousel/?lang=es

Once you installed WPML and configured it correctly, you can write content in different languages. Whenever you write an entry you can now select in what language this post has to be published and WPML will do the hard work for you.

If you have posts in multiple languages then the slider will automatically change its contents based on the language of the page.

This is how you can set it:
– in wpml > translation management > multilingual content setup set sliders to be translatable
– create separate slider for default language and translate it to another language – then in translation you can provide different content.
– then in the post/page in translated language you can provide shortcode for translate slider. as easy as that.

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